Sustainably Grown

Sustainably Grown

The Silver Fern: A Symbol of Our Commitment
to Sustainable Growth

The Silver Fern is an iconic emblem of New Zealand, highly esteemed by its citizens. It represents inspiration, purity and pride, but more importantly, it stands for a commitment to a clean, green landscape. Fernz understands New Zealand’s dedication to the environment and the importance of responsible sustainability practices — so much that it has incorporated the ecological symbol into its logo.

We promise to help keep New Zealand clean and green by protecting the environmental integrity of our wine production.

Water Waste
All water leaving our winery aquifers is treated and reused to irrigate the landscape on the grounds.

Conserving Water and Energy
The winery building is fully insulated to minimize the amount of energy needed to keep the temperature comfortable and constant.

Glass Packaging
Our winery is a proud member of the Glass Packaging Forum, a non-profit organization that aims to ensure the ongoing performance of glass as environmentally acceptable packaging material.

Plastic Recycling
All plastic waste products consumed on site by the winery are recycled.

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand
Our winery collaborates with Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand, an organization established by volunteer grape growers, committed to sustainable wine production.

Marc Recycling
All marc used in our presses leaves the vineyards within 30 minutes of being emptied. The marc (pomace) is distributed down the middle of the rows and not under the vines, which discourages the roots from traveling up to the surface. This method significantly helps increase the organic matter and moisture retention of the vineyards, reducing a demand for irrigation. The result: much healthier vines … which also makes for better wine!

We Say No to Helicopters
Helicopters produce harmful emissions that pollute the air. Instead of using them to help protect our vines from frost protection, we have installed 12 new wind machines that assist in keeping our vines frost free, without contaminating the air.

Native Planting
Desolate land purchased along the local river was bought and turned into a vineyard. The riverbank, in need of some extra special attention, will now benefit from an extensive replanting program. The project will encourage the return of native bird life and fauna, as well as preserve the riverbank.

We are focused on efforts to convert a portion of our vineyards to organics.